New Trend: Album Cover Nail Art, Something I Should Have Thought About in 2001

I'm completely obsessed with nail art for more than one reason.  While Japanese nail art has been around forev, I can't believe how mainstream it's become and all of the different trends that are coming out within the genre.  Last week I was in the DBA offices (my management co.) and Karen Robinovitz's nail art was inspired by a dress from Prabal Gurung's Spring/Summer 2012 collection (pic).  Amazing.  The latest in nail art is rocker chic – album cover, which as a former Dave Matthews Band "groupie" I wish I thought of earlier... Here's why... My nails chip after about two days so when I do nail art or anything fancy I have to resort to gels.  However, there's a slew of nail bloggers who primp their nails daily and have been showcasing some of their favorite album covers painted across five fingers.  Really impressive.  MTV reported on the trend highlighting six of them.

When thinking of my favorite band, DMB, I wish I thought of nail art back in 2001 when I had the "Stand Up" album cover tattooed on my lower back.  (The album came out in 2005, but the symbols been around forev, so yea, technically it was on my back before the album release - go me)!  Nail polish remover is much cheaper (and less painful) than laser treatments.

What album cover would you like to see as a mani?