New Project: A Makeover Web Series with SheKnows TV

Last week I was working on an exciting project for SheKnows TV with Candace Cameron Bure (yes, DJ Tanner from Full House) and Style Expert, Felix Mercado in Arizona.  Over three days, we filmed a makeover series, sponsored by Aveeno, seriously tweaking the looks of two victims who were much more beautiful than they gave themselves credit for.  As soon as I saw them I couldn't wait to get my hands on them!  Let's just say that one of them piled on foundation like there was no tomorrow and the other was very plain Jane. Working with Candace and Felix was such a pleasure.  First of all I have to tell you that Candace is no "DJ Tanner."  Of course, that's who I (and all of America) associate her with immediately when hearing her name, but she's grown way beyond her teenage character.  One word to describe her: stunning.  She has the most flawless skin I've ever seen and credits it to Dr. Lancer in LA.  So gorgeous that it's worth booking a flight across country to go see that derm!

Felix is a friend of mine from NYC so I was super psyched to be working on this project with him.  His brutal honesty with our makeover victims had me dying laughing and I don't think I can ever get dressed again without consulting with him first.  He is fierce!  Check out his blog.

Of course, after consulting with each girl I had a makeup artist and hairstylist execute the looks I had in mind, Bianca Catnis, who really understood my visions.  I may know a thing or two about beauty, but God knows not to put me next to a pair of scissors!  I shared a makeup artist and hairstylist with Candace, Allison Pynn.  This woman is talent.  I like to call her a ninja of all trades.  She applied individual lashes in .2 seconds, never allowed me to look shiny under the lights and had everything from her brushes to fashion tape in her makeup belt.  She got it, every aspect of what could possibly be needed.  It's nice to work with people who really care and understand.

The SheKnows team, Candace and Felix really made the 12 hour shoot days fly by.  I had a blast shooting this series with such a talented group of people and can't wait to show it to you what I did to the girls when it's live!