New iPhone Dating App

One of my favorite sites UrbanDaddy recently launched an iPhone App that your man probably already downloaded.  Even though it may be geared towards men, there's no reason you can't utilize it as well and show him you have a few tricks up your sleeves. The app is a date planner.  All you have to do is plug in a date, time, area and type of date you want and it'll provide you with a local hot spot.  It's that simple.

Lately, I've been on some pretty impressive and some get-me-the-f-out-of-here dates and would love to send an anonymous email to some men about this app so they can get a clue.  Who ever thought walking through Soho in a blizzard (mind you I was wearing stilettos) to find a lounge that he thought was "a perfect date place," yet it was filled with loud music and dancing transvestites, was a good idea?

You can download the app here, or at least encourage him to.  Hey, it may lead to a second date.