New Beauty Innovations: 5 Favorites

Since there are so many new beauty launches in month, it's very rare that I want to write about all of them.  Typically a few stand out amongst the rest as true beauty innovations. Lately, it seems every press event I attend and package I open showcases new beauty technology that excites me enough to write a post.  That's why this '5 Favorites' post is dedicated to the newest beauty innovations that are changing everything.  From reusable at-home hair dye to fragrance that promises to last all day, check them out.

L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue

If you color your hair at home (and who hasn't) you're used to mixing the chemicals and then tossing them after your dye job.  Well, L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue is a real innovation in hair color as there's no mixing involved and whatever color is left over, you can reuse.  Because the product is held in two separate chambers, it mixes together when pumped out and doesn't go bad.  Depending on your hair length, you may be able to get a full two uses out of one bottle, but I'd keep the extra to occasionally tint my brows.  Available in 16 multi-tonal shades, you can snatch this beauty innovation at drugstores for $14.99.

LACOSTE Noir L.12.12

Now, this is for your man, but I'm hoping the technology makes it's way into our fragrances as well. Typically, fragrance fades over time.  This fragrance by Lacoste, Noir L.12.12, has time release technology to prevent that from happening.  Yes, imagine your scent lasting all day long.  How?  The fragrance notes are encapsulated in a complex called, cyclodextrin, which reactivates them when it comes into contact with moisture on skin.  It's a very light, woody scent available at Sephora for $69.

Dove DermaSeries

As a huge fan of Dove, I was excited to receive a mailing of the new Dove DermaSeries Collection.  Consider it Dove breaking into a prestige drugstore category.  Woo hoo!  Developed with dermatologists, the five piece collection targets dry skin and gentle enough for those with eczema.  They're actually drugstore products that are comparable to prescription creams.  The complex combines 12-Hydroxysteric Acid (12-HSA), a fatty acid that works twice as well as stearic acid and glycerin (potent humectant) and natural emulsifiers to activate PPARs, proteins found in the skin to boost skin’s natural cell renewal creating a better quality hydration barrier than even prescription creams.  Available at drugstores this month.

Nars Dual Intensity Shadow

When doing your eye makeup, eyeshadow is a key player and if you're a makeup junkie, you know you can use any eyeshadow and apply it wet or dry to get two different effects from the same powder.  However, not all eyeshadows are created equal.  NARS Dual Intensity Shadows were formulated to be worn wet or dry.  It didn't come as a second thought that... oh yea, you can wear them wet... too.  The formula is a first of it's kind and delivers unlike anything else. I've tried them.  NOTE:  These will be available later this year, but trust me, they're worth the wait!

Skindinavia Makeup Spray Primer

Known for their makeup setting sprays, Skindinavia just launched the first on the market, makeup spray primer.  I've always been a fan of the makeup setting sprays, especially when I know I'll be in heat or sweating thanks to dancing my butt off, but this new spray primer is intriguing.  Meant to be worn under makeup or alone, I like it because it's free of silicones (unlike most primers), but still creates a smooth canvas for makeup application.  The real benefit, it makes makeup last longer.  NOTE: This will launch on on May 1st.