Neon Eye Shadow: Tips from A Makeup Artist

neon-eye-shadowI'm not sure if you noticed, but neon eye shadow is having a moment.  I first noticed backstage during Spring 2014 fashion shows.  Don't shy away, because everyone can pull it off, it's all about how you wear it.  To avoid looking like a clown, I spoke with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jamie Greenberg, to find out the do's and don'ts of wearing neon on your lids.

According to Greenberg, the most cautious way to embrace the trend is to use the neon shadows as an accent.  "Try applying them as a liner, creating a pop of color around the eye."  This is one look even I can get behind.  Of course while there are no rules, there are guidelines.  Choose your look and stick with it.  Whether it be a tight line or slightly blurred out, keep it clean.

on-eye-shadow-2When it comes to choosing a neon shadow shade that suits you, Greenberg says that neon blue is the most universally flattering.  It goes with all skin tones, hair and eye colors. My favorite is the mark Neon Gaze Eye Shadow in Neon Gaze.  I don't believe on spending a lot on trendy items, but this solo shadow is only $10.

neon-eye-shadow-3However, if you just can't wait to embrace your inner 80's self and feel bold enough to experiment with multiple shades, try Urban Decay's Electric Pressed Pigment Palette, $49 for the whole thing and embrace the intensity of the pink, orange and yellow.