It's Fall and My Skin's Been See Through... Until Now

As soon as September turned into October I began noticing that I was so pale I was actually unhealthily see through. Yes, that's my natural skin tone. You could see the blue veins in my hands creeping up into my arms and it wasn't attractive.  It was sickly looking. Everyday for the past two weeks I've been using one of those gradual self tanning body moisturizers that not only changed all that, but also my outlook on gradual self tanners. Once a day when I step out of the shower I've been applying Nature's Gate Glow Lotion, $12.99 all over.  Made with shea butter and Vitamin E, it's super hydrating so unlike other gradual self tanners I've tried in the past, I'm comfortable replacing my moisturizer with it.  When I pump it out of the tube it has a slight scent of cinnamon and I'm not sure why.  Turned off at first, the scent doesn't last once you rub it in so it's safe to say it's odorless on the body.

For some reason after two weeks now I haven't noticed any blochiness of the the glow wearing off.  In the past when using these types of products I would notice that the self tan would wear off in certain spots quicker than others.  I think it's because this "tan" is more of a radiant glow than a tan.  It's perfect.