Nailing in the Nude

Among this season’s prettiest and most attainable runway trends comes in the form of a tiny glass bottle containing a liquid in a lovely, modest shade: nude nail polish.  Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors both had their models sport nude nails on the catwalk.  For quite a while now, we have loved our vernis to make a statement, and to make it loud and clear. But perhaps a more subtle approach would better suit the more mature and refined looks coming down the runway as of recent, from vamp to nautical to safari.  After all, the bold nail does sometimes end up dictating our outfits (what really matches with shimmery aqua nail polish?).

The nude nail gives you the advantage of looking put together and polished (pun intended!).  It doesn’t scream, “Look over here!” Rather, it whispers, “…but even if you do, I’m prepared!”  There are a variety of shades that you can experiment with, from sheer pinks and flesh tones to ivories and peaches.  Even clear polish, light grays, or naked and beautifully buffed nails are fair game. Any of these options will be certain to give you a grown-up finish and let the true you shine through. So ladies, lacquer up and tone it down!

My top picks for the season: Chanel Inattendu, Essie Fed Up, Deborah Lippmann Im Not Innocent