Why Nail Art Will Never Die

Something different was happening with nail art this season during New York Fashion Week and I'm not talking about innovative looks.  The tables have turned.  Instead of manicurists trying to sell their art to designers during beauty tests before the runway shows, designers were requesting specific types of nail art to manicurists.  They were asking for classic styles like half moon manicures and 3D textures, which can only prove one thing.  Nail art is not a trend, but a style that's here to stay.  

Backstage I grabbed Michelle Saunders, a Lead Manicurist for Essie who was responsible for 11 of the 27 shows Essie sponsored this season to chat about how nail art has changed.  "This season it's all about the sophisticated and modern nail and when it comes to nail art, Essie stays fresh by just using polish to create different effects and textures," she commented.

Keeping the nails classic, using just polish definitely makes for a sophisticated aesthetic.  "We don't need to explain the looks anymore," she says.  "Designers get it."  From a reverse French to a French, mixing shades to create a customized color and creating effects through polish is chic and timeless.

"It's more of a look than a trend, like red lipstick," she concludes.

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