My Winter Skin Challenge: Beat Dry Skin, Here's How

If you could bring one beauty product to a desert island what would it be?  Mine would be moisturizer.  It's always been my #1 cannot live without.  All my life within minutes of stepping out of the shower, I lather it on from head to toe.  In the wintertime, my obsession gets worse.  My boyfriend finds me sleeping with socks covering my freshly lubed up feet nightly and I barely make it an hour with out reapplying hand cream.  This winter, I have a been put up to a dry skin challenge... Vaseline asked if I would test out their Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion, which promises helps relieve dry skin in  one day and heal it in three.  It also doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, like other heavy moisturizers.  Game on!  While I try my best not to ever have to face the dry skin dilemma, my legs (specifically my shins) and feet act up.

In the winter, besides simply using a heavier lotion continuously, exfoliation is also key to beating dry skin so I'll be exfoliating twice a week while using the lotion daily.  I'm going to celebrate the holidays by doing outdoorsy activities with my boyfriend, friends and family that are far from pampering.  Visiting the Rockefeller Christmas tree, shopping the Bryant Park Holiday Market and ice skating! Stay tuned for results!

*This is a sponsored post by Vaseline, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.