My Not-So-Daily Makeover

This has been a risky week for me for many reasons, but one of the biggest is because I underwent... a make over! Yes, I voluntarily surrendered my long, black hair and clean-canvas of a complexion (I normally only wear mascara) over to the master minds behind DailyMakeover.  

As soon as I found out they were leaving me in the hands of Bumble and Bumble and MAC, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I was extremely excited.  I had to take the dreaded "before" picture first. The photographer kept telling me not to smile and I couldn't help but laugh every time the camera clicked.  

Before they even began to dye my hair (and I'm not telling you which color, you'll have to wait to see the article on DailyMakeover!) they began cutting it.  My stylist, Denise, cut one big chunk straight across and as I turned around to see it all on the floor my mouth dropped wide open in astonishment. She reassured me that all of the hair that went on the ground was meant to be on the ground.  I took a deep breath, and trusted her.

Then as my colorist, Elizabeth Hiserodt, was speaking to me about the process, she used the words "snap, crackle and pop" to describe how my hair would feel once she was done with it.  Let's just say it was going to take alot to get rid of the black!  No one wants their hair to feel like rice krispies!  But after doing a painting process and lots of glazes it all worked out just fine.  Thank God!

When I went back to my stylists chair to shape up my cut and looked at myself in the mirror, I was surprised to see how much was cut off already.  Then she proceeded to take out her scissors and continue to chop away! At one point, I asked her how much more she had to go and was actually wincing as if I was in pain.  It took forever for me to grow my hair.  And it was... gone.  After some layers, finishing touches and a good blow dry, I was shocked.

Next, Luc Bouchard from the MAC Pro Team taught me tons of tips and tricks on how to glam up my look for a fab fall night out.  He was anxious to play with my eyes and I loved the fact that he used color because if I ever wear eye shadow, it's always neutral.  His inspiration behind my look was from the 80's and his goal was to play with the almond shape using lots of color creating a non-traditional cat eye.  Wait until you see this!  One word: hot!

Once I was finished, I looked and felt red carpet ready and it was time for my "after" shot, which I was encouraged to smile for.  Thank God!  I was one happy girl!  I can't wait to show you my new look, but you're going to have to wait!  Check out DailyMakeover in September to see behind the scenes photos from the make over including my before and after!  

What's the riskiest beauty move you've every made?