My NBC LX TV Segment

Yesterday was a busy day!  Right after my NBC segment in Philly I hopped on a train back to NYC and paid a visit to NBC studios in Rockefeller Center. Always a fan of LX TV's Sara Gore from the 5pm show and Taxi TV, I was excited to find out she was hosting the segment I prepared on "Beauty Trends for 2010."

We discussed the five biggest beauty trends predicted for the year and I gave examples of each.  Here they are:

  1. Nutricosmetics, oral supplements for your skin, hair and nails are continuing to gain popularity.  They're predicted to become a 2.5 billion dollar industry by 2012!  Example: Glidosin skin Nutrients Advanced Daily Formula
  2. Mood Beauty, which goes way beyond the feeling you get from applying cosmetics and skin care products.  Even beyond aroma therapy.  Companies are going to be using ingredients that intersect psychology into their beauty products and actually set off the neurotransmitters in your brain.  Example: Decleor's Aroma Night 
  3. At-Home Spa Services, or any kind of do-it-yourself kits.  Since the economy is still in trouble, people will be treating themselves more often in the comforts of their own homes to hair removal, hair dying and teeth whitening.  Example: Supersmile Whitening System
  4. Turbo Beauty, which is high tech beauty products that include medicinal or pharmaceutical ingredients.  Example: Latisse for eyelash growth, or you can get RapidLash without the prescription because it has different ingredients for the same effects.
  5. Natural Ingredients, but not necessarily all natural.  Since people are so confused by labels, they're just going to be looking for products that contain natural ingredients that actually work.  Example: Purple Lab NYC Huge Lips Skinny Hips

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