My Love, Hate Relationship with Mineral Makeup

Ever since my experience with Bare Minerals I haven't been too much of a mineral makeup fan.  What happened?  Horrific, cystic acne happened.  I thought mineral makeup was suposed to be good for your skin.  However, when I consulted a dermatologist it was explained to me that the way the crystals were cut in Bare Mineral's powders and the bronzers were harsh and therefore causing acne. After tossing my whole collection and nursing my skin back to health I swore off mineral makeup forever.  However, I was recently introduced to Sheer Cover and because of my journalistic duties, decided to suck up my fears, sacrifice my skin and put it to the test.

Their Mineral Foundation SPF 15 is a dime.  Applied with a brush it's not messy, blends easily into your skin and really creates a flawless finish.  I never wear foundation, normally only bronzer and blush, but it was very light weight and I would apply it for special occasions before the rest.  My face looked incredible.  Bottom line: I am a believer in mineral makeup.