My Latest Addiction: Great Lengths

I've never had long hair.  When I say long, I mean half way down my back.  It's something I've always wanted, and for years, my stylist tried to convince me to get extensions.  About two months ago, Anne Hathaway's stylist, Ted Gibson, convinced me to try Platinum Seamless extensions, which last only about two months, just to see if I liked them or not. Skeptical but curious, I took the leap and they changed my life. This week, my two months were up and I ran back to my stylist, Naomi at Gemini 14 who took my hair to another level and introduced me to the Rolls-Royce of extensions: Great Lengths.  He's been trying to convince me to get them for about four years so this was a huge deal for both of us.  The before and after pics are unbelievable... my hair grew six inches in three hours.

Gemini 14's known for doing Miley Cyrus' extensions and Naomi's known me and my hair forever so I felt like I was in the best hands for the job.

The main differences between Platinum Seamless extensions and Great Lengths are the way they're done, the movement and amount of time they last.  The Platinum Seamless are perfect for the person who is looking to add volume or length for a few special events that are all happening within a month or two.  They're about two-inch horizontal strips of hair that are adhered to your root, where as Great Lengths are individual strands of hair that are bonded to your root with heat through a keratin bond.

I am a huge fan of the Great Lengths.  For me, they will last longer and look and feel more natural.  And yes, I can wash and style it regularly.  For anyone considering extensions, both types are great, but for different people and reasons.  Here are photos from when I had the Platinum Seamless extension makeover.