My Journey Through Scent Created "Come Hither"

Last night I attended a very intimate event at The Perfume Studio in NYC, where I created my own fragrance.  Held by Sue Phillips, President of Scenterprises, I sat around a table with six other guests, sipped red wine, listened to soft jazz and enjoyed a three hour experience of the senses. I've always been intrigued by perfume and have always thought about one day creating my own.  This experience was special as I learned the intricate details behind the making of each note, the rules of top, middle and base notes and artistry of blending to meet one's personality.  Being that I am a victim of horrific migraines I was nervous when 18 different notes sat before me.  Yet, as Phillips explained each one and I closed my eyes and inhaled each one took me to another place.  From the rolling hills of Ireland to the spice markets of Morocco, I was on a journey.  However, because of the quality of the fragrances not even the slightest headache occured.

Three hours later I came up with my favorite combination of top, middle and bottom notes and created what I named "Come Hither."  It's very much a BeautySweetSpot fragrance, a Jeannine Morris fragrance to be exact.  The journey was about finding something I loved, and being the only person in the world who coveted that scent.

I used a combination of a heady floral, woody, balsamic and amber.  The result: sex in a bottle.  It's definitely going to be my date night fragrance.  Hey, if it turns me on, it has to do something for him right?  Throughout the journey I learned that amber is actually ambergris, which is made from the vomit of a sperm whale... who knew something so revolting could smell so seductive?

The journey of scent is powerful and certainly cannot be done in a New York minute.  It was amazing to take the time out, relax and appreciate the quality of each note.  The Perfume Studio is located in Midtown East in NYC and offers one on one mixing sessions as well as parties.