My Collaboration with FIT: Designing with Palladium

On Tuesday I met with a jewelry design student from FIT for a very special project. We're collaborating to make a piece of jewelry together! Between my thoughts and inspiration and her creativity and skills we're designing a cuff. Normally, she designs with wax or metals like brass, copper and silver, but this project is different. She'll be using palladium – the same precious metal used by Tiffany's and Marc Jacobs in their designs.  To get started, she asked me about my style and wanted me to pick a key inspiration for the  piece.  Since my style is influenced mostly by the different cultures of NYC I chose Washington Square Park as my inspiration.

Washington Square Park is my fave park in NYC and I go there sometimes and just people watch to clear my head.  The fountain is gorgeous and the assortment of people that gather there define NYC. From creative types playing the guitar, writing and taking photos to children running around, of course occasional bums hanging out and then people laying out enjoying the day.  I love the mix of people that come together to enjoy NYC in this small space.

So I'm anxious to preview the sketches of my cuff and will be meeting with the design student throughout the next two months to discuss the direction of the piece.  I'll keep you updated!