My CBS Segment

Besides doing a segment live from the red carpet for E! during the Emmys, the CBS segment I did on Tuesday was the most exciting yet.  Finding out about it very last minute, I was pretty nervous, but loved the topic so we had a lot of fun filming.

I discussed how to transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into at-home skin care recipes by using two of the most festive foods of the season: pumpkin and cranberries.  Believe it or not, both ingredients will improve your skins tone and texture with repeated use!

My friend Michelle and I arrived early at DEX New York Studios, to start whipping up the concoctions I'd be discussing. After shoving cranberries and oatmeal into a blender and mixing some pumpkin puree we were set to go.

The producer and film crew arrived right on time.  I've never done a taped segment before so it was a great experience and a lot less pressure.  After discussing the skin care recipes, I gave affordable alternatives for those who don't have time to create face masks and exfoliants out of scratch (or for those who just want to eat all of their left overs).  Here are some great products you can use to get the same benefits: Zia Natural Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask, Peter Lamas Pumpkin Spice Polish, Jason Natural Cranberry Hand and Body Lotion and Alba Botanica Hawaiian Green Tea Eye Gel.

You can watch the segment here and CBS News put an article up about it that includes all of the at-home skin care recipes.  Let me know if you try any!