Savvy Multi-taskers Put to the Test

The latest crop of beauty loot is even smarter than ever before.  A hydrating duo, a 3-in-1 shower potion that will help de-clutter your shower and a hair product with 15 different uses (yes, you read that right, 15)!  I put these multi-taskers to the test.

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo, $15 at

When I unscrewed the top the container I found a ying-yang made of body butters.  The ying, a light-weight moisturizer that was good for my whole body and the yang, a thicker cream that was perfect for my knees, elbows and feet.  My favorite scent – macadamia.  Yum!

Mark Three's A Charm 3-in-1 Lemon Sugar Body Cleanser, $8 at

I used to believe that 3-in-1's or any multi-tasking products to this extent were for men only (us girls like a product for this and maybe two products for that), but I was surprised to find that when I used it for my shampoo and body cleanser not only did it work but I was OK with it.  Enjoy baths?  It also acts as a bubble bath!  The citrus smell is intense, so I'd recommend using it only when you need a pick-me-up or help waking up in the morning. *launching soon

Black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment, $20 at

Call me crazy but I only brought one hair product to Aruba last week.  This one.  Talk about putting a product to the test.  It's a leave-in conditioning treatment and styling product.  Being out in the sun all day and having hair that needs just a light styler, it acted as promised – just a few spritzes on damp hair and it prevented frizz and fly aways, increased volume and protected from heat styling.