Mother's Day Gift Wishes from Real Moms

MothersDayGiftHave you guys gotten your moms Mother's Day gifts yet?  I'm sure you've taken a peek at some of the gift guides featuring "The Hottest Mother's Day Gifts," but all in all honesty, I don't find them very truthful.  I know my mom, for example wouldn't want a "Best Mom Ever" mug or plant to pot, never mind lavender scented soap.  To find out what moms really want, I spoke with some of my favorite moms in the beauty industry see what they hope to get.  Here's an honest, Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother'sDayGift I can easily tell you what I DON'T want for Mother's Day--I would die if I got anything from Vera Bradley, which every Mother's Day gift guide seems to include.  So that said--I have hinted about a piece of name or initial jewelry. The Jennifer Meyer piece would be the ultimate, but there are tons of lower-priced options. You can even find them on Etsy. Anne Fritz Linval, founder of TheJetSetGirls

mothers-day-giftOk so honestly for Mother's Day I'm asking for Beats by Dr. Dre earbuds lol. I just rejoined LA Fitness last month so I really want a good pair that stays in and plays nice and loud while I'm working out. And obviously I want them in the purple color. - Laura Claps, Founder of LBC Publicity and mom of the adorable Salvatore

mothers-day-giftI always want a massage. I would love to spend some quiet time in a gorgeous spa (I love Caudalie at The Plaza) on my own with a massage, facial, steam and maybe a blowout, then go out to a nice dinner with my family. The thing I love most are the homemade gifts from the girls. I've been getting a lot of Rainbow Loom accessories, but recently Amelia has been doing a lot of duct tape wallets and purses. But from Stuart, I expect a little more bling.  I would love customized or monogrammed jewelry that had the initials or names of my children. I interviewed two moms recently for Pretty Impressed who had some great pieces: Genevieve Jacobs’ Dallas and Carlos Alpha Necklace and Jacqui Stafford’s Love2Design Signature Cuff - Rachel Hayes Gayle, Founder of PrettyImpressed

mothers-day-giftI'm all about preserving memories especially now with my new growing family.  I love this square print set of 25 images from Artifact Uprising so that I can create a mosaic of our first year with bébé.  John has already given my husband and I so many amazing moments and to be able to see it on our wall will just give us an instant smile on the daily.   Although they are both a gift for me but if they want to be extra generous a day of beauty (head to toe) and nap would be a clutch Mother's Day gift. - Michelle Kelarakos, Founder of AmuseBoucheBlog

mothers-day-giftThe truth is I go back and forth between wanting a little time to myself and just wanting to be cuddled up to my little ones. This year I'm actually making a Mother's Day BBQ in my backyard. I know it's usually a Father's Day kinda thing, but, I love grilled veggies and this way I get to be with my kids enjoying some sunshine but they won't literally be on top of me-- sort of the best of both world's, you know? In terms of gifts, I've been eyeing an opal pendant necklace for a month or so, but foot reflexology would do the trick, too. - Bryce Gruber, Editor,