More Repulsive Ways to Accessorize Our Vags: Feathers & Fur

What's with women wanting to decorate their vaginas?  Isn't lingerie enough?  I thought Vajazzling was tacky, yet hysterical, then there was Vatooing and now people are actually accessorizing them with feathers and fur.  No lie.  They're getting waxed and then adding hair from a different beast.  Can someone explain the reasoning behind this to me please?  Introducing the latest craze: the Fox Fur and Feather Merkin Bikinis. Completely Bare Salon in NYC owned by Real Housewife of NY, Cindy Barshop is offering both treatments.  The Fox Fur Bikini uses real fox fur, which is applied to the bikini line after a wax and lasts three days.  As you can imagine, Peta is outraged.  Imagine... "My coat is faux fur, but my pubes aren't."  I can't even!

Then, there's the Carnivale Bikini, which uses "trendy feathers in a variety of hot colors" to decorate your crotch.  Who do these types of treatments attract?  I remember when Vajazzling was a thing Peenazzling came shortly after, which can only make me think.

Here's a video of Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare explaining both treatments.  Sexy or not?  You decide.