Monday's Muse

This week we have two Monday's Muses: NYFW Top Models, Lyndsey Scott and Hannah Rundlof.

Lyndsey Scott (right)

Locale: From New Jersey but lives in NYC

Seasons with NYFW: 3

Modeling Agency: Click 

Where You Recently Saw Her: DKNY campaign, March 2010 issue of magazine

How She Got Her Start: at age 16 she was discovered after posting her own photos on

Career Highlight: "After doing big shows like my Calvin Klein exclusive and Prada people started to react differently to me and started to really know who I was.  It's very exciting."

Hanna Rundlof (left)

Locale: Sweeden

Seasons with NYFW: 3

Modeling Agency: Marilyn

Where You Recently Saw Her: Dolce & Gabnana campaign, Italian Vogue

How She Got Her Start: At 14 she answered a modeling advertisement on the Internet by sending in photos and videos from her web cam and was picked up by an agent.

Future Hopes:  After finishing her business degree in Sweeden she hopes to move to NYC and keep getting booked for more shows.