Monday's Muse

This Monday's Muse in Tina Fey.

You would have thought she was playing one of her comedic roles at the Golden Globes this year when she showed up on the red carpet wearing a patterned, tiered dress that made her look like little Bo Peep.  Believe it or not it was by Zac Posen!  It just goes to show that just because you scored a dress by a hot designer doesn't mean you should wear it.

However a week later at the SAG awards the sun came out and beamed right down on Miss Fey as she held her head up high and walked the red carpet looking hotter than ever (even though she knew she was destroyed by the press for last weeks gown).  Her deep purple Ferragamo dress hugged her bod in all the right places and she looked absolutely stunning.

Cheers to Tina Fey's red carpet rebound!