Monday's Muse

This Monday's Muse is Demi Moore.

Take a close look at her photo to the left.  It's from her shoot for the cover of W magazine in December.  

As fit as Demi may be (especially for her age), we all know about the harsh amount of air brushing that goes on behind the scenes in magazine art departments.  Besides the norm, all the concentration seems to have landed on Demi's missing left hip.

"When we met Demi for the W cover story, she was super-fit to start with.  There was absolutely no retouching on her hips or waist or legs," the photographers claimed to the NY Post.

Even if that was true, they did a pretty remarkable job on her face, decolletage and arms!  Koodos to the skills boys and for making women everywhere continue to achieve for that level of unattainable perfection.