Mini-Condoms for Babies & Big Boys with Baby Penises

OMG... where do I start with this one?  A company called The Hotshot thought it would be a smart idea to come out with mini condoms to cover (literally) all of the tweens that were having sex.  Wait... what?  There are way too many things wrong with that sentence.  Here I go... Anyone with a baby d*ck should not be having sex.  And yes, this goes for you 30 year old man who's actually excited these condoms have finally arrived.  Could you imagine a man opening one of these babies in your bed?  Ha!  Wouldn't men or tweens rather purchase regular sized condoms and spare themselves the embarrassment?

"The Hotshot measures 1.7 inches in diameter (as opposed to 2 inches found with regular ones) and 7.4 inches in length,"  the NY Daily News.

Yes, like it or not tweens are having sex.  These condoms are made specifically for penises ages 12-14, however there are nine year olds, (third grade boys and girls), are getting it on. Why are children so horny these days?  Is it parenting?  Media influences?  Is there something in there food making them extra horny?  Or all of the above?  So is it smart to teach tweens about protection and give them "the talk" sooner than ever, yes absolutely, but MINI-condoms?  Ew.

Thoughts please...