Miley's New 'Do

As soon as I saw this photo of Miley Cyrus, it hurt.  She parted with her extensions and I felt it.  Being an extension wearer myself I cannot imagine my life without them. As different as Miley and I are (and thank God for that) – we both go to the same NYC salon to lengthen our locks – Gemini 14.  Having extensions is like a healthy addiction.  I mean, it's not like being an alcoholic, but it is an expensive habit to upkeep.  In between sets of extensions it is recommended to give your hair a break.  During the break you're supposed to freshen up your cut and color.  I have yet to experience this, but I'm dreading it!

I have to admit though, this new cut on Miley looks fantastic!  She got it done by stylist to the stars, Scott Cunha of the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood. She doesn't look as skanky and it gives her a refreshed, more mature look.  Let's hope she matches her personality to it.

Miley fan or not, what do you think of her new look?