Michelle Williams Comments on Her Glamorous Transformation for "My Week with Marilyn"

I'm super excited to watch Michelle Williams play Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.  From the pictures I've seen, I can't get over how glamorous she looks and found out a bit about her transformation.  The movie comes out on November 25th, but take a peek at the trailer after the jump. "I couldn't re-arrange my face and body to look like hers, "  Williams comments to the Hollywood Reporter.  To transform her look a bit, Williams flew to London quite a few times to meet with makeup artist, Jenny Shircore. "We spent half a day just standing in front of a mirror," she says. "We weren't trying to reconfigure my face. We were trying to add, you know, the curve of the lip, an eyeliner. It began a long process."

Check out the trailer: