Interview: Michael B. Jordan

Michael+B+Jordan+AXE+Gold+Temptation+Product+Gw8_zKrDfSrlYou guys may know him from Friday Night Lights or The Wire, but I became familiar with Michael B. Jordan, because of his explosive Twitter account.  As AXE's latest muse, I had the chance to chat with the actor about his partnership,  his biggest temptations and of course, what type of scents he likes on women.  Check out what he has to say.

What made you want to partner with AXE?

This particular campaign was interesting to me. According to an AXE survey, 75 percent of guys and 60 percent of girls don’t know what tempts each other. I could relate to this topic and wanted to help be part of the solution in a cool, creative way. Not only does this allow me to help solve answers in the modern world of dating, but AXE is allowing me to step behind the cameras and direct some of the content.

Besides AXE, do you have a favorite fragrance, a cologne?

I like fragrances that are fresh and sophisticated – like the citrus and cedarwood combination in Gold Temptation.

Does your fragrance choice change with the character you're playing? 

I do a lot of preparation to get into my characters. I think there’s a strong correlation between fragrance and how it makes you feel. Pairing a fragrance with a specific character is one way to help get into character.

Is there a particular scent that you like on a woman?

I like floral, sweet scents that are subtle – and keep you coming back for more. Like how AXE Gold Temptation has notes of chocolate with citrus and spice.

You host AXE's #TemptationTuesday on Twitter. What are your biggest temptations?

It’s been fun hearing about what guys and girls find tempting – you’d be surprised.  There’s always something you just can’t resist. Staying healthy is huge for me, but if bacon’s an option, I’m adding it. And if I walk past sneakers, I’m walking out with them.