From Personal Care to Peacocking, 2 New Don'ts for Your Man

There's something happening in men's grooming that's not attractive – major peacocking. What started off as the modern man wanting to look presentable to be able to compete in the workplace by upgrading their skincare regimen has spiraled out of control (Brotox is even pushing it, does it really need the name?).  Marketers have noticed the spike in skincare sales and are now trying what seems like everything they can to hop on board.  Hence, the latest trends in men's grooming and fashion that make me want to hurl. Alpha Nail

Slogan: Designed by men.  Worn by warriors.

The polish in a pen comes in five matte and five metallic manly shades.  Described as "durable," the brand encourages fighters, muscians and club goers to to apply to their fingers or toes for added swagger.  Swagger?  Really?  Or should it be for an added touch of "you're really corny!"


Slogan: like hosiery for men

Apparently, Italian hosiery designer, Emilio Cavallini, is now selling mantyhose.  He claims he noticed a trend in men wearing pantyhose for design and warmth about three years ago and started catering to them.  Great idea Cavallini... really...