Only Real Men Laser Down There, Or Do They?

When the Brazilian revolution hit America, women stormed out to their nearest salon to get waxed. Now men are joining the hairless movement and getting their bodies lasered – even down there. What a relief for 99.9% of American women whose boyfriends suffer from looking like a wooly mammoth (do women actually date those guys?). When I was on the swim team in college, a male diver had chest hair was like Austin Power’s.  My teammate whispered to me, “If he has that much hair on his chest, imagine how much hair he has under his speedo.” From that day on hairless men has become the new rave. Most men want to be stylish and according to, their appearance is top priority. Men will do anything to impress women and that means removing their wool sweater.

"The latest male grooming trend is pointing the laser to the unmentionables –in addition to their brows, back of necks, backs, chests, and even knuckles," remarked Jennifer Kandemir of Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc.  So why remove the pubic hair?  Well, ladies you all know this.  Men are getting an ego boost from it because removing the hair around their shaft creates an illusion of a longer you-know-what.

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Men believe that having a hairless body is more appealing than having abs of steel.  Men are opting for laser hair removal over other methods to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs in such a delicate area, which is a perk for the both of you.

Each year the male clientele for laser hair removal gets younger and younger. Well if women are judged for having one tiny hair on her leg, I think it’s about time men are catching on!