Man of the Moment: Benjamin

Ladies meet Benjamin, a 26 year old New Yorker who works as an editor at a publishing house.  Read on and you'll see he's quite the character!  And every time I feature a new Man of the Moment someone always asks, "Is he single?"  So yes, he is! What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Probably a lock of hair from the girl who last slept over, a picture of my mother, and my emergency stash of Alizé. Actually, though? Looks like some Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and deodorant, some type of hair gel for curly haired people (currently it appears to be made by Garnier Fructis), Kiehl’s face lotion, Vaseline for Men body lotion. Oh, and I hate cologne. It’s for people with crispy hair who use the word “classy.”

What product can’t you live without and why?

Hmmm is whisky a product? Because I’m pretty should that would be hard to live without. Also, I have a miniature Biggie Smalls figure that sits on my bookshelf, and he would be hard to part with. Can’t live without? I don’t know… soap? Toothpaste? Can anyone now live without that?

How would you describe your grooming habits?

“Grooming habits?” Am I cat? That brings me to a more important issue. Cats are awful. I’m a dog person. Particularly lazy, fat, all-white English Bulldogs.

Now be honest, how would a woman describe your grooming habits?

She’d probably say that I’m eerily similar to the Old Spice guy. In both looks and scent.

When prepping to go out on a date what are the three things you make sure you do?

Brush my teeth, shower, and make sure I’ve queued up enough Taio Cruz, Waka Flocka Flame, and Usher feat. Pitbull for a late night DP at my apartment, which I try to always keep stocked with a variety of drinks…you never know. [Note: DP = DanceParty.]

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why? More importantly, what would you do?

Myself. Next question. No, but this is so tricky because who knows how shallow and awful they’d actually be. I’m basing my choice of Mila Kunis off of how down to earth she seems in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But then what if she turns out to drug me and drive me to kill myself like poor Natalie Portman. Okay, so scratch that. Let’s do a dead celebrity. I’m thinking Teddy Roosevelt. That guy took a bullet straight to his chest, didn’t flinch, then stood up and gave an hour long speech. Plus I heard he could do a sick Dougie.

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?

It may sound crazy, but I always notice girls shoes. A sweet pair goes a long way. Doesn’t have to be heels, but just make sure they’re dope. Old Uggs in public make it look like you have two broken ankles. I get it, I know they’re super comfortable. But I don’t wear my old ass slippers out of the house. You shouldn’t either.

When it comes to a woman’s beauty what’s your sweet spot?

I don’t really have a type, but ambition (both intellectually and physically), humor, and adaptation are key. The last one may seem strange, but here’s what I mean: you should be able to schmooze at some cocktail party with me, and, say, Mike Bloomberg, one second, then be in high-top sneaks, rocking out to Lil Weezy the next.