Man of the Moment: Alex

I'm excited to introduce the first "Man of the Moment" for 2012, Alex, a 22 year old musician from Berkeley, California.  Check out what he stashes in his medicine cabinet and which celeb he lusts after and his band Radical Something.  If you have someone you'd like to nominate to be a "Man of the Moment" this year, nominate him through the contact form above. Requirements: over 18, sexy and successful. What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Old Spice Deodorant, Floss, Lubriderm Lotion, Advil, Yves St. Laurent Cologne, and a bunch of extra floss sticks and toothbrushes!

What product can’t you live without and why?

Cetaphil Daily Facial Wash

How would you describe your grooming habits?

I shower 1-2 times a day, and I am pretty much a neat freak. I keep my hair short so not too many worries there, and while i HATE shaving, I do it every morning. Other than that i can say I am an avid tooth-brusher and face-washer.

Now be honest, how would a woman describe your grooming habits?

"I don't care if he showers all the time--He wears sweatpants and hoodies every single day. Who does that?"

When prepping to go out on a date what are the three things you make sure you do?

1. Pick out a nice little Vans-inspired outfit

2. Make sure I brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Then pop in my favorite bubblemint gum.

3. Make sure i bring my wallet, and throw a bottle of wine in the trunk just in case!

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why?  More importantly, what would you do?

I would probably grab actress Emma Watson (from Harry Potter) for a night. She took my breath away as a young buck, and she is pretty damn beautiful. I'd most likely take her out to dinner, then bar hop around and see if she's as magical in person as she is in the theaters.

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman? 

If I think my mom would like her.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Leonardo DiCaprio is the man. I will watch anything that he is in--ANYTHING. Chick flick, drama, shitty movie, you name it.