Men: A True Aging Addiction

I've said it before, and I'll admit it again, I'm a former tanorexic.  There was something about baking in that tanning bed day after day for those eight to twelve, sometimes twenty minutes at a time that I found so satisfying.  Each time I left it, I couldn't wait to see it again...  just like a man I met, who my friends call my "Mr. Big."  

There was something about him, maybe what I saw as his unattainable level of NYC perfection.  Remember when Carrie caught Mr. Big having dinner with Natasha, but it didn't take very long for him to be able to sweep her off her feet all over again?  Ladies, like the tanning bed, men can age you.  Be careful and picky of those who you select to spend your time with.  The ones who are worth it will recognize you're a good catch.

Now, years after not seeing the bed, I look back and can't believe I let it get the best of me.  The crows feet that already began to form around my eyes remind me of it every day and I proudly pat on my eye cream (with my ring finger, of course) and thank God that's all I ended up with.  Now, I look back at my Mr. Big and laugh, he's still in the same place and I am so over that game.