Max Factor Leaves the U.S.

When I opened up today's WWD I was shocked and saddened to find the headline that was staring back at me,   "P&G to Phase Out Max Factor in the U.S."  

Just last night I was having drinks on the roof top of High Bar with one of my best girl friends (who's a beauty guru herself) and we actually compared our personalities to cosmetic brands.  Mine, was Max Factor.  (Her's was Cover Girl. Talk about opposites!)  

I felt a connection to the brand especially during my time as Cosmopolitan's Beauty Assistant.  I've interviewed their makeup artist, Pat McGrath, countless times backstage during New York fashion weeks, tested out all of their vivid new shades before they launched, and attended a launch party with their Spokes Model, Carmen Electra. That being said, I'll miss walking in to drugstores to purchase their highly pigmented MAXeye Shadows. The energy the brand gives off is very me.

Now, the company will continue to succeed over seas, specifically pushing the markets of U.K. and Russia. Don't fret U.S. MAX Factor lovers, once the drugstores are cleared out, we can still buy our faves online. To find out more information on Max Factor's departure, pick up today's Wall Street Journal.