Backstage Marc by Marc Jacobs, Where Glam Squads 'Got Their Slap On'

"Makeup is about getting your slap on," remarks makeup artist, Dick Page for Shiseido.  Backstage at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show was surprisingly quiet, until I began speaking Mr. Page.  "Why not do scruffy eyes and a little bit of lipstick...  Why not," he questions.  His motto set the theme for the entire look, "Just do your f*cken makeup! It's not that serious." 

"I want to see that the makeup looks wrong enough before the models walk out onto the runway," comments lead makeup artist, Dick Page.

"It's left over makeup, not perfect," Page says.  "You can even do it in a dirty city bathroom."

The hair was kept simple, because Guido Paulo of Redken accessorized each of the models hair with two scarves.  "When wearing a hair accessory you want to play your hair down," he explains.

The hair was texturized to make it "gritty" and then it was twisted back in no specific  style or form making each of the model's a bit different.