Manscaping: To Groom or Not to Groom

The October issue of Marie Claire has an article titled, "Should Your Guy Groom?" and as I read it I thought to myself, yes, of course, what kind of question is that?  It went on to discuss the two extreme sides of male grooming from a man and a woman's point of view. I don't believe the question should be focused on which extreme is generally preferred or considered appropriate by society, but instead the question I raise is where do you draw the line?

"In recent years, male grooming has become a record-breaking recession-proof industry - netting $23 billion a year, with a whopping 500 new products hitting the market last year alone," Marie Claire reports.  With all of these products labeled "men's grooming," how can one expect them not to feel pressured to groom?  

Women in the US are expected to maintain their primping and hair removal habits and I feel it should be the same for men.  When it comes to a guys facial and body hair, I think each situation needs to be analyzed individually and there really can't be a generalization on what's considered normal and what's not.  Let's face it, not all men were blessed with just the right amount of facial scruff and hairless backs.  Don't even get me started on the au naturel "sweater."  

Marie Claire also reported that Gillette recently did a survey with male college students and found that 80 percent have done below the neck depilation, which they thought was a negative thing.  Personally, I don't care how a man has to remove his hair, whether it's through depilatories, razors or waxing, some areas may need all of the above!  I believe a certain amount of manscaping and grooming needs to be done on men everywhere, but how much depends on the man's needs and personality.

What do you think about manscaping?  How much is too much?  How do you like your man groomed?  Dish ladies!