Manhattan Shops in Celebration of FNO

Last night I, amongst almost every other New Yorker, scrambled in my Louboutins from store to store and enjoyed the festivities of Fashion's Night Out (FNO).  From 6-11pm my red soles unkindly met the cobble stone of the Meat Packing District as I explored what all of the designers had to offer.  

It was the place to be, by far.  All of the shoppers were very fashion forward and seemed to be industry related, sporting bandage mini skirts, leather leggings, killer fall open-toed booties, boyfriend blazers and cocktail dresses with opaque black tights.  I opted for black leggings with a plum tank that had an exposed zipper in the front with a boyfriend blazer and of course, my fave shoes.  

Out of all of the parties in the Meat Packing District, my favorite were at Theory, DVF, Scoop, Tory Burch and Stella McCartney.  They all had DJ's, cocktail waitresses, gorgeous clothes (and men), and an incredible crowd of people.  Diane Von Furstenberg herself was at her store hosting the party, and there was an actual bar-b-que in the street outside of Tory Burch where chefs were giving away buttered corn!  Let's just say the corn went faster than the Coronas that were being given out inside.

Kate Hudson was making an appearance at Stella McCartney, but it was so crowded I couldn't wait to see her, even though she is my favorite actress of all time.  And Purple Lab hosted a very successful party at Scoop with lychee martinis and burlesque dancer, Veronica Varlow.

After seeing how crowded the individual designer stores were, I'm glad I didn't try to tackle any of the department stores (although I heard they had amazing events there as well and Rachel Zoe was at Bergdorf with Anna Wintour!) I die!   

Most of the flyers promoting the stores participating in FNO read, "Sales, Cupcakes and Champagne," but all of the stores were so crowded, I left without a purchase (thank God), hungry, and definitely toasted sans the champagne.  

Since the purpose of FNO was to try to get people to shop in a down economy, it makes me wonder if anyone actually shopped.  We'll have to wait and see how the sales numbers are, but even if they didn't go up, it was a night to remember because it brought New Yorkers together for a celebration of fashion, beauty, charity and well being.

Did you attend FNO?  If so, where did you go and what did you buy?