Man of the Week

This week's Man of the Week is definitely something special.  Ladies, meet Timothy from Orlando, Fl.  A single, 27 year old ice hockey player who works in law enforcement and previously a promotional ad advisor for Read on, I bet there's something about Tim that drives you wild...

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

First and foremost ibuprofen, for those long evenings. I use Nivea mens facial products, outstanding results! Oral B Cross-action Electric Toothbrush, Prewash listerine, toothpaste, and then Listerine, and YES, Tweezers (just incase eyebrows get a little rough) and Gillette Fusion Razor for the sideburns. Men's Degree also rocks!

What product can’t you live without and why?

My best friend, the Braun Series 7 self-cleaning electric razor. The greatest tool for a man on the go, so catch me if you can. It costs quite the penny but worth more. This thing can shave a sheep if it had to. Regular Razors just make me dig into my face and irritate. As active as I am in the gym or playing ice hockey, regular razors bring a razor burn from Hell.

How would you describe your grooming habits?

Somewhat addicted to grooming. I have great hygiene, and hate dirty feet. My haircuts and hairlines are precise (sideburns, ears, rear neck). At least once every other month i will go with a full body shave. I slack sometimes on chest shave, but still shave arms. Otherwise "all else" is Well taken care of.

Have you ever gotten a manicure or pedicure? Why or why not?

Yea, i probably get a manicure 5 or 6 times a year just to keep it clean, I also would do anything for the amazing hand massage that accompanies it. Never have done a pedicure though... someday I guess, probably wouldn’t make it a habit though.

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why? More importantly, what would you do?

I mean, I'm gonna play it safe and stay off the whole Megan Fox deal, its just so played out, yea yea we all know she wins. It doesn’t even have to be a female, it could be Johnny Depp, Jay Z, Dwayne Wade, Kanye West, very opinionated and successful men... BUT SINCE I HAVE THE OPTION haha. I would go with possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, other than Catherine Zeta Jones, the woman of my dreams, actress Monica Bellucci. Just a sexy latin (Italian) woman drives me insane. I love beautiful black hair with light, exotic, intoxicating eyes, and beautiful full lips. I would want the most romantic dinner possible, high overlooking the NYC skyline, or Miami Beach maybe. Black skinny dress for her and all black suit for me. With roses on her plate as an appetizer, Champagne, and a light dinner of her favorite. No one else in the room but soft sexy jazz music playing, maybe a little Sinatra as I hold her body close to mine and only release to gently spin her beautiful body around. A couple gentle giggles, and then disappear off into the night.

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?

With all due respect, weight. Some guys like large, some like really skinny, I like curvy.

Do you prefer a woman au naturel or all made up?

I prefer as natural as possible. There is nothing wrong with every step of makeup until it is just humanly agreeable that there's just too much. But I keep it fair, if i was all natural I would have a beard and no product in my hair, so technically, to be fair, I am a little made up myself.

How about down there?

Lets face it, its not the 80's, even a fair share of women I have spoken to about the subject agree to hate having any at all. So I would prefer bare, but i guess a light "landing strip" wouldn't be so bad either, lets just not go wild with it.

When it comes to a woman’s beauty what’s your sweet spot?

I start at the eyes and travel outward from there, I can get lost in beautiful eyes forever. But the whole body of a woman hits my sweet spot. From her head to her toes, a woman's body is amazingly seductive and intoxicating.