Man of the Week

Ladies, meet John, 29, from Boston, MA. I wrote Boston and shuttered (I'm such a New Yorker!), but this Patriots fan is actually a catch.  He's a financial analyst at a children's hospital, bartender and baseball coach for 13-16 year old boys... a man of many skills.  And yes, he's single!

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

I have your basic stuff like shaving cream, razors, aftershave, mouth wash, and tooth paste. I’m not the type of a guy that uses all these different types of lotions and creams.  

Barbasol Shaving Cream

Gillette Mach 3 Razor- I wouldn’t even think of using any other razor

Fresh Skin Soother After Shave- Unbelievable product.

Listerine Cool Mint

Colgate Extra White Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 

What product can’t you live without and why?  

I cannot live without my Fresh aftershave lotion. I was turned onto this product a few years back. It’s amazing. Guys if you ever get razor burn, this stuff is a life saver. The only product that works. It’s pretty expensive but worth every penny. 

How would you describe your grooming habits?   

My grooming habits are pretty simple. One trip to the barber shop every couple of weeks is sufficient enough for me.  As far as shaving, I like the scruffy look. I keep a trim beard but always like to have the 5 o’clock shadow look.  

Have you ever gotten a manicure or pedicure? Why or why not?  

No, I have not. I probably wouldn’t get one either. I’m going to sound a bit ignorant when it comes to this topic but I feel there are some things that should be for females only.  I think women can appreciate a man being a man in the age of the rising metro-sexual. 

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why?  More importantly, what would you do?  

Jessica Biel. I think she is insanely gorgeous and a great actress. She is really into fitness, which is a huge turn on for me. She has a rocking body. If I had one night with her, I would love to get in a good physical “workout” with her.  

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?     

I am a sucker for bright eyes and a big smile. You can usually tell how genuine a person is by their eyes and smile. Gets me every time.

Do you prefer a woman au naturel or all made up? 

I prefer au naturel. To me, there is nothing more attractive than seeing a woman just being relaxed, lounging around wearing sweats and a t-shirt with her hair up. Now, that’s Hot! 

How about down there? 

I am not a fan of hair. I like some grooming. I do some “man-scaping” myself, so I like my women to be groomed as well. Whether it’s completely bare, the landing strip, the Hitler stash, or any other clever design is fine with me. I just can’t get into the el natural.  

When it comes to a woman’s beauty what’s your sweet spot?  

Well, a woman has many sweet spots but I think true beauty comes from personality. I’ve met a lot of women that were beautiful but had the personality of a door knob. Beauty can only get you so far. You need a healthy combination of beauty and personality. 

I like women who are very sociable, can hold a conversation, and funny. There is nothing sexier to me then a woman that can have a good time anywhere and can take a joke as well as dish it out.