Man of the Week

Ladies, meet Paul, 27, from Union, NJ. He's completely immersed in the digital world as the SEO Marketing Manager at Lexis Nexis and the Founder of  My kind of guy... and yes, he's single!

What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Right now in my medicine cabinet you can find a bunch of products because my Editor-in-Chief of Beyond Beauty Basics, Jennifer Long, tells me to use them. However, I keep it simple: Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (bc it smells good), Lancome Hydrix Moisturizing Gel, oh and floss. I think it's important to look well-groomed whether you are on a date or meeting with a client, not to mention making sure there isn't some piece of food in between your teeth from last night.

What product can’t you live without and why? 

I'm pretty sure I can live without any product but if I had to choose I guess hair product to ensure I don't look like a crazy bum. That or maybe cologne. I think it's a good thing when someone tells you you smell "heavenly" or "delicious" - as long as they don't say you smell like their ex-boyfriend or husband. Now who would want that?

How would you describe your grooming habits?

My grooming habits would be that of any guy that makes sure he takes care of himself without going over the top. I shave most everyday, unless I've had a late night which turns into a rough morning. I manscape where guys should manscape to avoid looking like a caveman. I push my cuticles back when I remember after a shower because my third grade health teacher branded it into our minds. LOL Normally I get a haircut once every 2-3 weeks and have my eyebrows cleaned up (not all tweezed-up like some guys in my state), just enough not to spread too far from my actual brow. I moisturize my face, brush my teeth and carry gum with me, do my hair, a spritz of cologne, and I'm out the door.

Have you ever gotten a manicure or pedicure? Why or why not?

I'll admit it, my ex-girlfriend insisted I try getting both. The verdict? Well, all I kept thinking (while getting high off the strong smell of acrylic in that nail salon) was I could have cut my own nails for FREE , and it was weird having someone tend to my feet. I was told I had nice feet for a guy though. Thanks - I guess.

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why?  More importantly, what would you do?

I would have to say Anne Hathaway. I think she's beautiful and tall, has a sweet personality, someone you can take home to meet mom, but probably a lioness in the bedroom. I prefer a stylish, confident, open-minded and classy woman who enjoys a little spontaneous adventure and romance. Hmm... that sounded like a personal. After dinner I'd take her somewhere we can have some drinks, laugh, and dance or listen to some live music or jazz. I'd end the night with some late night stimulating conversation against the city skyline at some quiet rooftop venue.

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?   

The first thing I notice on a woman is her smile. A smiling woman is approachable and tells me that she has a positive spirit or in a delighted state of mind. The curving lips from a woman's smile can be a bit mesmerizing sometimes. 

Do you prefer a woman au naturel or all made up?  

I would say either way is fine, I'd prefer a woman feeling comfortable with herself may that be natural or made up. I find that women who feel pretty and comfortable with themselves make for a better day. However, it's a turn-off if she wears way too much makeup and I mistake her face for a birthday cake or a tranny mannequin.

How about down there?  

I'd prefer bare but neatly groomed is okay too. Cleaning it up, in any level, heightens sensitivity, so it might be good for them to do so for themselves. (wink)  Changing it up once in a while is also a good idea for as long as it's not a jungle down there. 

When it comes to a woman’s beauty what’s your sweet spot?

My sweet spot is a woman who is confident and modest about her beauty, follows good hygiene and grooming practices, and can carry herself in a stylish and classy way.