Man of the Moment: Tim

Ladies, meet Tim, a 27 year old cutie from Hoboken, NJ.  He's a VP Portfolio Manager and loves to play ice hockey, go to the gym and snowboard.  And yes – he's single! What’s in your medicine cabinet?

  1. Gillette Mach 3 Razor- no cuts, no crying, smooth every time…. Just like me, lol.
  2. Neutrogena After Shave Balm
  3. Neutrogena Face Lotion with SPF 15- Look Young, Live YOUNG!
  4. Degree for Men Deodorant- keeps you cool in the hottest of situations
  5. John Varvatos Cologne- My little secret (not so much anymore I guess) but remember smell is the #1 sense tied to memory… the ladies love it and they always come back for more.

What product can’t you live without and why?

Most products I can go without, but a toothbrush is a must have. Your breath can turn south at any moment  (food, coffee, morning breath, etc.) and who knows when your lady wants to get intimate or if you are going to meet your next big client. The last thing you need is your breath barking something nasty.

How would you describe your grooming habits?

I’m a clean cut guy… clean shave, clean cut hair and well dressed (clean those shoes). A shape up (haircut) normally happens every 2-3 weeks and I try for a straight razor shave (if you can find a barber in NJ with the license). Keep those lines tight, just like your game.

My people at The Hoboken Man ( take care of the basics for me, even a clean up between haircuts. I think the ladies appreciate and see effort in a well-kept man. It shows discipline and self-worth.

Now be honest, how would a woman describe your grooming habits?

All the ladies in my life, past and present, I think would agree, that I always smell good and I keep it fresh!

When prepping to go out on a date what are the three things you make sure you do?

1. Shower up!

2. The secret weapon- a dash of cologne--- A little Johnnie V. to get lucky!

3. A RESERVATION- you need to have a good game plan. Don’t even tell her, make it a surprise, but make it good and make it count!

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why?  More importantly, what would you do?

Male Celeb: Some guys may think Tom Brady, because lets be honest, he is the man (Super Bowls and Supermodels), but I would like to spend a day with Leo DeCaprio. The lady-killer himself, hasn’t had a boring day in his life. We’d probably just hop on a jet to some crazy island party and rock out… Talk about a wingman, this dude nails down the women in his sleep haha.

Female Celeb: Mila Kunis….for obvious reasons. This woman is a complete smoke show. I’d like to shop-hop with this one. Close down a few stores and let her get her fashion on. Seriously, what chick wouldn’t like that? She seems like she is a good time no matter what. Later on our date, we would get those endorphins and adrenaline pumping at the gun range (, Now that’s something to get her excited in all sorts of ways! Now that the momentum has been built the night is only going to get better from there…  Hopefully she sees this and I get a call next week to implement the plan!

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman?

I’m going to be honest. I look at 4 things right off the bat. Top to bottom-

1. Eyes- The gateway to the soul. Evil or Angel?

2. Smile- I’m a funny guy so the smile comes out a lot.

3. Boobs- Big isn’t always better, but no one is going to complain about some big bombs.

4. Bootie- A girl’s bootie can tell me a lot. Good in bed, yes or no? Healthy, yes or no? Athletic, yes or no? That’s why boobs aren’t such a big item in my book.

When it comes to a woman’s beauty what’s your sweet spot?

All women are beautiful in their own way, but it’s a combination of book and streets smarts that hits my sweetspot. Intelligent, confident and ambitious women are what I look for. I know one day she is going to manage her own business or even our awesome family.