Man of the Moment: Matt

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Matt, an advertising creative from Williamsburg, Brooklyn who also edits a website called theimpersonals that I now find myself reading daily. Chances are if you're a fan of BeautySweetSpot, you'll enjoy it too.  Until reading Matt's responses, I never really knew why men used cologne.  Read on to find out... What’s in your medicine cabinet? 

I have more Kiehl's than I know what to do with. Every Christmas, my mother gets the guys in the family massive amounts of Kiehl's product, and there’s not enough time in a year to use it all. So it kind of works like rollover minutes. Lately I’ve been giving some to the homeless guys on my way to work.

My favorite brand of the moment is Black Fleece, which is Thom Brown for Brooks Brothers. It’s the perfect collaboration - tradition meets eccentricity. There’s also this great store/brand called Grahame Fowler - fantastic stuff, all made in England of the highest quality. Any man would do well to visit those establishments, both in the west village. I also score a lot of great vintage stuff from my father who now lives in Florida for the winter, so there’s no need for things like a beautiful navy cashmere (!) coat. I just tailored it and can’t wait for the weather to change so I can strut my stuff.

When prepping to go out on a date what are the three things you make sure you do? Good cologne. A friend who works in fragrance told me that a good scent can nullify up to 4 stupid things you say on a date. Things like, “you have the nicest earlobes.”  I blast myself with about 4 sprays, which I estimate affords me 16 dumb comments (for the record, this works 63% of the time.)

If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be and why?  More importantly, what would you do? I’m less interested in celebrities and more interested in that red head who seems to share the L train home with me everyday. She’s been the hopeful recipient of no less than 100 “Missed Connections”. Fingers crossed.

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?  Why? My main problem with hypothetical celebrity sex is I always imagine what would really happen. In my case, I would last two minutes max, then would be humiliated and slink off into the night. So I guess my answer is neither.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Style wise, suspenders with buttons, and vintage hats. Also, skinny jeans. My family makes fun of me incessantly for them, but I can’t give ‘em up. I think it’s because they remind of the pants I used to wear in football. Or my old wrestling singlet.