Makeup Tips from Napoleon Perdis

I was so thrilled to get a personal makeover with my all-time favorite make-up artist Napoleon Perdis. While I was enjoying champagne and chocolates at his New York apartment; I was shown his new makeup collection, taught inspiration behind the look, and of course easy application tips. Napoleon Perdis is known for enhancing natural beauty and his makeup tips are perfect for any woman wanting just a bit of color. His inspiration for the season was his homeland – Australia.  Say hello to a warm winter glow. Here are some tips I picked up on how to enhance your  beauty.

Tip #1:

You have to start with a great foundation, which is beautiful skin. The first step to perfect skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliating will keep your skin clear from acne and remove dull, dry skin. Do this at least once a week and make sure to follow up with a moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin will keep it hydrated and will keep skin clear, smoother, and brighter. Try Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Cruising Moisturizing and Auto Pilot  AntiAgeing, $69.

Tip #2:

Before using foundation start with a makeup primer. This will allow your foundation to glide on smoother to give even coverage. A primer also helps your makeup last longer. I learned about Napoleon Perdis Auto Piolet Primer, $39 which contains Vitamin E.

Tip #3:

The quality of your brushes is crucial when applying makeup. The better quality brushes will allow makeup to go more evenly. Even if you use a less expensive foundation or blush, if you use quality brushes you can still get professional results. Since the event I've been using Napoleon's Great Escape Brush Set, $79, because they are perfect for traveling and I've been traveling a lot with the holidays.

Napoleon Perdis also came out with a Chandelier Shine Lip Gloss Pack which includes a lip gloss and polish that's super cute for $15.  Check it out and create your own natural beauty look.