Makeup Forever Celebrates 30 Years of Color

When Makeup Forever Founder, Dany Sanz, was asked to paint an actor's body, she was taken off guard as she was a sculptor, not a makeup artist.  The rest is history.  Last week I attended a celebration for Makeup Forever's 30th Anniversary at a studio in NYC and while we were all inspired by Sanz's story and had the chance to create our own eyeshadow palette, I found myself intrigued by the body painted mannequins that lined the room.  Glad I questioned them, because their stories are worth telling. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, Sanz envisioned bringing her work to life through art and showcasing it around NYC leading up to this big event.   She enlisted Lijha Stewart, the Makeup Forever Director of Artistry and Education for North America to lead a team of artists to paint 12 mannequins.  Categorizing them into four categories resembling the Artist line, Acqua line, HD line and Icons line, each painted body showcased the story and history behind the inspiration of the collections.

My favorite was done by Stewart herself, which resembled the Flash Palette, (known to us as the Flash Color Case), which was one of the first products Sanz created in her own kitchen from 1984-1990.