Makeup Counter Fears We All Face

makeup-counterWe spend an unhealthy amount of time wondering around Sephora, easily losing hours at a time amongst our friends Dior and Kat Von D.  When it comes to shopping for cosmetics, there's one place we always have awkward experiences and avoid at all costs... the department store makeup counter. You know exactly what we're talking about. These are the 8 makeup counter fears at department stores.

1. When the first saleswoman to accost you looks like she applied her makeup in the dark

2. and the first words out of her mouth are, "Can I give you a makeover?"

3. Then, when you make the mistake of actually stopping to look at the new products and she becomes your new best friend you're all,

4. And when she attacks you with every single new perfume in reach, you're stuck with people thinking you were in an accident in a perfume factory

5. And she cons you into buying a blue lipstick because they're "out of" the red one you originally wanted

6. While her upselling skills have you walking in looking for an eyeshadow and walking out with an eyeshadow, three palettes, two eyeliners, and eyelash curler, and a nail polish

7. Or, even worse, walking out with a bag full of crap except for the one thing you really wanted and you're all

8. and your face when you look at your bank account the next day

Check out this 'Makeup Counter Secrets' article from Total Beauty to help you really navigate the department store and face your makeup counter fears! After all, the artists know what they're talking about.