Makeup Bag Update: My 5 Absolute Must Haves Right Now

With the change of seasons comes the obligation to clean out and update your makeup bag.  For me, this is almost a monthly thing as I test out new products on a daily basis, but truth be told, it's very rare I find cosmetics I love enough to replace what I use regularly.  I have my makeup bag full of staples and then a box full of 'just for fun' or 'just in case cosmetics'.  What happens to the rest of the samples I get?  Let's just say my friends love me!  Well these five products have worked their way seamlessly into my can't-live-without, regular makeup bag.  Here's why. Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

I went crazy for this mascara, literally.  After attending the press event for it's launch over the summer I skeptically gave it a try just like everything else.  Only this time, it ended up being the mascara that changed my look.  Seriously.  I used to love Lancome's Hypnose Mascara, but Star is a smart upgrade.  The brush is still shaped like a cone so you can get into the lashes in the inner corners without making a mess and it helps to separate and define as you swipe it through.  However, this cone shaped brush has two flat sides, allowing you to actually paint the mascara onto the length of your lashes for added thickness.  When I ran out of my press sample, I went to the Lancome counter at Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales and neither of the stores had it!  I frantically emailed the publicist only to find that it's exclusive to Sephora for now, but she sent me another one for free.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

When in LA last week I visited Anastasia's salon in Beverly Hills and had my brows groomed.  While they hold a nice shape, they're still extremely sparse and I always have to fill them in.  I've been using Anastasia's brow pencil and have come to learn that the powder works better for people like me who have sparse brows.  It acts as a filler by being the background to your brow hairs, not trying to act like the hairs themselves.  Score.

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette 

This goes without saying.  When I received the updated eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, I unzipped it anxiously to see what shades were about to compliment my fall wardrobe and potentially replace the ones I've been using.  I was greeted with a palette of 10 colors that help to create a smokey eye, but I like wearing them one at a time.  From matte neutrals to shimmery jewel tones, the palette once again, is a seasonal award winner.  My favorite shade: Loaded, a forest green.

 Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

If you've ever seen Blake Lively's glow from within look, and I know you have, it can be credited to this product.  It's a must have.  The lightweight, sheer liquid acts as a a great makeup base to illuminate your skin. I wear it alone sometimes and when I'm on shoots, I mix it into my foundation to get the radiant look.  It comes in all different tones, but I wear Pale Shimmer, because I'm not trying to look bronze, I'm just trying to bring out a subtle glow from my pale skin.

Cargo Lipgloss Quad in South Beach

I'm not normally one to carry around palettes in my bag, but this quad is done right.  It includes four universally flattering neutral shades that I quickly grew to love.  It's an absolute must have for me, because the colors are buildable and I like to customize my own shades.  Normally when I switch bags there's always a few tubes of lip gloss in the bottom of each, but I make sure this one comes with me no matter which bag I bring and where I go!