Make Your Hair Color Last

No matter what hue you're sporting, it sometimes seems nearly impossible to keep it vibrant during the summer months.  Celebrity stylist brad johns, who recently opened a new studio at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Manhattan, gave me some great tips on how to preserve your hair color while laying out and frolicking in the sun. "Blondes usually get better in the summer because of the sun, but brunettes tend to get brassy," remarked brad.

If you're a brunette, the best way to protect your hair color is by covering it completely with a sun hat or scarf, however there are sprays made for hair with SPF in them.

Post sun, no matter what your hair color make sure you follow up with a good conditioner. Brad recommends Davines Nounou Repairing Hair Mask, $26.  If you're a blonde, rinse your locks with club soda after going in a chlorinated pool to prevent your hair from turning greenish.