Make Your Hair Color Last

Like many of you, I've been dying my hair for years, since about 7th grade to be exact.  A natural brunette, I've experimented with different tones of red, blonde highlights and even took my strands to an inky blue-black. Currently sporting a rich brunette hue, I don't think I'll ever go back to my lighter roots.  

Since hair color is only suposed to last about four to six weeks, coloring can get pretty pricey, not to mention drying!  I spoke with celebrity colorist, brad johns, of Red Door Spa in NYC to find out how to make your color last.  Check out his tips:

  •  Go dirty.  Do not shampoo or wet your hair for 48 to 72 hours after coloring. This will allow your color to set in completely.
  • Use the right products.  When shampooing, make sure you use specifically formulated shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair.
  • Seal it in.  Use a silicone-based styling product that promises to seal in color after a wash.
  • Revive.  Once a week use an at-home in-shower hair color glaze to keep the color fresh.  
  • Be aware of the sun.  If you went darker, avoid the sun or protect your strands with an SPF so it doesn't turn brassy.  If you highlighted your hair, embrace the sun and allow it to naturally lighten your color.

Brad Johns recommends Davines products for color teated hair, but also recommends consulting with your stylists.