Make A Great First Impression

This morning I woke up in Philly prepared and excited to do a segment on NBC's The 10! Show called "How to Make A Great Impression on A Job Interview."  Currently, almost 10% of the US population is unemployed and being that I've been in the job market a few times throughout my career, let's just say I've had tons of practice and learned a few great tips along the way.  

The host and I spoke about doing research, being on time, getting organized, and sending thank you notes. And of course, we also spoke about what to wear and what not to wear. As I was setting up the segment one of the NBC interns mentioned she loved the sun dress I was displaying as "what not to wear" and said she would absolutely wear it on an interview.  Even though many work environments may be casual, make sure you dress sophisticated and classic for your interview.  A chic, professional black dress or suit is appropiate.  The best advice I've ever gotten was to dress for the job you aspire to have in the future.  

Another great fashion tip I had was if you wear glasses, leave your fashion forward frames at home and opt for a pair of rimless styles like Silhouettes.  They'll allow for better eye contact and less distraction.  Check out their website to try them on for yourself using the Virtual Mirror.  You can customize them up to 64 different ways to fit your face shape.  

Of course, I went to the segment prepared with my hair and makeup done, but always feel relieved when they have time to touch me up before I go on air. As Christina Zarvalas, the NBC makeup artist was layering on coats of blush and bronzer I confessed that even though I'm a beauty blogger and I can inform people on how to do their makeup, I could never do my own, nor do I ever really wear much.  Ironic, isn't it?  

While sitting in the chair I also asked her how I could better do my own TV makeup and she told me for normal TV, the general rule is the more the better. When you feel like you're wearing too much, chances are you still need more blush and lipstick to prevent you from looking washed out.  However if you were preparing to film on HD TV, it's the complete opposite.  Instead, you would do your makeup so it pleases the eye.  Next time I do a segment I'm going to take her advice just in case there's no time for touch ups.

Check out the segment and feel free to share any other great first impression tips you might have learned!