Lush Launches Emotional Brilliance Collection with A Pyschic Twist

Have you ever gone to a psychic?  I've been to a few for fun from boardwalk psychics for $5 a palm read to a real, make-an-appointment-two-months-in-advance-psychic in the West Village who was on point when I was younger.  I promised myself that if I ever felt the urge to go to one again I'd go back to him.  However, I found myself at an event for Lush Cosmetics the other night and experienced a new kind of reading... an inspiring, somewhat psychic reading based off of beauty products.  So my style... you can get one too... Lush recently launched a cosmetic line, which is awesome because they strive off of creating quality, vegan beauty products and this was their natural next step.  My favorite of all of them is their Emotional Brilliance Collection.   It includes mini brightly colored jars of lipsticks, eyeliners and cream shadows that each have meaning behind them.  For example, yellow means lifted.

In the store, they have a color wheel.  A Lush consultant spins it, you pick the three shades that stand out most to you (not your favorite colors) and they do a reading for you based off of the three shades you picked and the meanings behind them.  I chose yellow (lifted), pink (believe) and purple (feeling secure).  I have to admit, my reading was on point!

Head to a Lush store for your reading or you can purchase them depending on your mood.  They're adorable gifts too!  Lush Emotional Brilliance Collection, $22.95 each at at the end of July.