Lush Colour Supplements

I have a confession to make... as much of a beauty junkie that I am, I hate wearing make up.  I love learning about new product launches, getting tips and tricks from the pros and trying and testing different formulas of mascaras and pops of colors on my cheeks and lips, I hate wearing it. I recently discovered Lush Colour Supplements, which are the answer to face makeup for girls who hate wearing makeup.  I wouldn't consider it a foundation at all because its a very light formula.  Nor is it a tinted moisturizer.  I find it works perfectly as an additive to your everyday moisturizer.  It mixes very well and leaves you with an overall dewy glow.

I'm a huge fan because unlike traditional tinted moisturizers, which are all made with a general moisturizer, you can mix these colour supplements into your favorite moisturizer that works well with your skin.  They're also made with rice bran and soya oil instead of mineral oil so they're less irritating.