Lululemon, The Best Workout Gear for Your Bod

Lately, I've had a new urge to start running outside.  Even though I go to the gym everyday, I've never taken my workout outdoors, but with the nicer weather quickly approaching I decided it's time.  With that, it was also time to get some new, cute workout gear because you never know who you may run into (pun intended). My friend introduced me to Lululemon, yoga inspired athletic gear, and the rest is history.  I bought a few staples, but have to admit, I've never looked better in work out clothes and felt more confident in the gym or running by the East river.  The leggings give me the butt I never though I had.  They also have a tiny pocket on the top to slip cash or a credit card in so you can grab food or a water after your run.  Genius.

The whole collection is pretty pricey, but if you're passionate about working out in or outdoors and are looking for gear  that'll really compliment your shape it's worth the splurge on the basics.  I'm dying for some of the more fun, brightly colored shorts and shells, but maybe next time.

What gives you confidence during a workout?